Luisa Valeria Carpignano – Ardore (2015), Live in London

Flauto – Chiara Scucces
Clarinetto Basso –  Emilio Checchini
Pianoforte – Luisa Valeria Carpignano


Summers are the unstable ecstatic, the sheer passage of time, the ardor. Wunderkammer. Fragments of a lover’s discourse (Roland Barthes). Homesickness of the time when I read about Ada and Van Veen, and we all were children (Ada or Ardor, Vladimir Nabokov). Collection. Loss of a loved portrait. Recollection. Unexpected recoveries.

Same places are full of different memories: a bench in a garden – during the day, an opportunity to read, during the night, an opportunity to kiss. After some years, only an imagery covered by dust – and yet we have no desire to kick out it. A short big-bang of creation, seven chords of inner voices converging to an A, nine seconds concentrate all the infomations I need to write.

The excercise was to read in seven different ways the same loved page, but nobody else could see what I loved: I consumed the portrait by dint of looking at it. To mantain it in a fragile life of representation (cruelty of love) I had to stage it again, and injuring with my betrayal all the times it was necessary, despite the increasing weakness, until the flame is exhausted. I chose a chain of chords impossible to me to forget, but with the aim of kill them – exposing seven photos of the life of my musical image.

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